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Monthly Archives: December 2009

blue moon

on new years eve. almost there.

hampstead trees

there are some beautiful trees in hampstead heath. earthy smell, calm, almost silent, and slippery feet. the heath is beautiful in blue-skied crispy winter, the view from hill back down to london cloaked in the very hazy light of a sun barely scraping above the horizon during these shockingly short days. not worth the photo, [...]

the opposite

my little brother; sunshine-warm, fit and by the ocean.


today i thought the streets would be deserted and the shops shut, but it was mostly public transport that was closed. plenty of ambulance, police and minicab. spar and costcutter open, dixy chicken and best kebab open, cat&mutton shut, the dolphin probably was open. loads of people in the park, on the streets, becoming less [...]


a whole working day spent making a gravy train with biscuit wheels. second last day before holidays; i wonder what tomorrow holds. might arrange cheese on a board.

the coldest solstice

The solstice sun set at 15:53, studio already darkened by the snow-fall on the sky lights. I went out on the roof and came back with a damp white head. And the gas pipes for 345 hackney road have been illegally piggy-backed from 349, where a gas leak there has put a stop to heat [...]


(left to right) st james church and the three kings pub in winter, walk through the barbican in summer, some cranes, st pauls and the studio roof. tiny snow forecast today.

even the most well-fed cat can get through the smallest of gaps

peaceful places

like new zealand, or a long-haul flight, or the front of the bus.