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Monthly Archives: November 2009

white cat update

walking is now the norm (tall enough to reach the car door when on 2 legs not 4) scoping a second managerial position; at the coffee shop next door (they approached him) new salon and fresh winter look (white all-over) photo yet to come please nic.

copenhagen – nice trees

1. silvery grove of birches 2. a northern knuckle tree 3. christmas trees of loveliness and rollercoasting magical elation. oh tivoli.

copenhagen – tarped

it’s a tarp. jean nouvel’s big tarp. and then the next tarp; a whole studio lost in the middle of a golf-fuelled ecological park. a short-cut in between the sparseness of ├śrestad and a many-laned highway. through beautiful birches and smells while the sun slowly set. and then the crossing of a highway. a long [...]

last night

leaves shuffle into soft hills, and a plastic bag masquerades as White Cat.


1 and 2. hackney street 3. callum morton’s 1:50 model of 4. moshe safdie’s Habitat 67 development Mmmm transfixed experiencing Callum Morton’s installation 5 years ago, and saw it again last night on my way home. Habitat is 1:50 in scale and also in time, so a day lasts 28.8 minutes (think), during which the [...]


spent a day in the countryside, villages, early christmases, suburbs, abandoned High Streets and the best building to be scheduled for demolition in Gateshead, and stepped over the bridge to beautiful sweet Newcastle at 3:00 just as it was starting to get dark and realised the strangeness of it. Probably a lot of world examples [...]

cats keeping it together

1. checking for organic onion lifters and basket discarders at kingsland road grocery.┬á baskets are often discarded because organic onions come at costs. 2. street-cats sitting for a traditional family portrait in front of their house. they have called upon squatters’ rights and now have considerable assets in the dalston area; classic london terraces with [...]

in my parents’ gardens

both overlooking the derwent river