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Monthly Archives: September 2009


monitoring the window while something fishy happens inside. no one knows better than the monitor that he is being monitored in turn.

no tights

yet. not today. but even with bare legs and only mildly biting air there was some christmas in exmouth market tonight; lights, peace, and people eating dinner in their scarves.

window displays

white cat promotes his restaurant Campania Gastronomica on Columbia Road, sitting on the tables in a dark clean room, calm during the day before orders begin for his mortadella, neapolitan salami, capocollo and prosciutto tosacano. I have been thinking about meat a lot lately. wake up with darkened thoughts of clandestine cutlets and secret steak. [...]

catford v 2cat

1. + 2. yesterday: catford: not just a high street but also a mall. just a normal shitty bit of outer london. with a name like that i expect a bit more. 3. cat medley

clouds falling at speed

1. new zealand’s centre, a highland sheep farm called Mesopotamia near Erewhon. Erewhon is the fictional setting of Samuel Butler’s novel of the same name, but clearly based on his sheep experiences in the 1860s in this part of the world (‘nowhere’, almost backwards) 2. new piece by nic, i see a cloud rapidly falling,  [...]