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Monthly Archives: June 2009

regent’s canal

runs from paddington, in a great arc north of central london, east past victoria gardens, before meeting the southern flow of the lea valley navigation and entering the thames at limehouse basin. the towpath might be london’s most valuable footpath; green cycle-way, houseboat mooring, weekend walk, fisherman perch, coolant for the cables of the national [...]

white cat’s world

^ warm streets ^home-made-lemonade-double-vodka-n-bitters ^and too sunny to sit on his car roof. the litle boy here: “he’s deaf. the cats’s deaf.” “is he your cat?” “no, but i know his name. Ginger.”


at the Saatchi gallery: Pianist by Matt Johnson. using that most unorthodox and surprising of materials; a tarp. the life-size origami masterpiece is made from a single 50 foot piece of tarp. and Jangdockdae by Yi HwanKwan. can’t really describe in a photo how disquieting these were, they made eyes hurt too much to look [...]


there is a show on tv at the moment called I’m Running Sainsbury’s, where selected small-store managers (sainsbury’s opens a local store every week atm) are thrust into managing a large store where their ‘fresh ideas’ can fly. of course the sickening reality is a downward spiral, with the guidance of a mentor, into a [...]


to discover an ‘art park‘ in the lea valley, just london-side of the M25. pagan donnie darko is suitably suicidal as realisation of ‘the flood-prone’ registers.

double cat days

only happen once in a while, but the pleasure fades very slowly. the first is WhiteCat, for once not on his car-roof, but interrupted during morning stretches at the door. unlike john howard’s morning power-walk, which became a cruel parody of his less-than-agile doggedness, the morning stretch is an elegant expression of healthyliving for any [...]

the lea valley

one of the 5 spines of the east london green grid, a long thin waterway which trickles from the countryside north of london right to the mouth of the thames, connecting industry, green space, marshlands, sewerage, the location of the 2012 olympics, the poorest and richest of inner london neighbourhoods, a chain of left-overs, cheap [...]


^ Richard Wilson oil room at the Saatchi Gallery. haven’t seen, but have heard, and can understand that oil is solid, floor is ceiling, darkness luminous. ^ Fred Sandback wool installations at Dia Beacon NY. simple strands of wool arranged in such disconcertingly vivid mirages of glass panels. best work for the best space.

good buildings

won’t make happy people, obviously. and the most interesting and memorable places don’t follow good planning (except those intuitions so natural that only the most dastardly wicked of the last half-a-century have had the insanity to disregard). urban design principles make me anxious. for every HRH-Charles-endorsed principle there are places and buildings which contradict. most [...]

the indoor garden

will one day be a jungle to protect our modesties from the upper deck of the bus.