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happy cats

he remains (Gilbert)

White Cat is refusing to follow Ginger to the New Hackney. Even when the last handbag wholesalers has become a bar called ‘Last Handbag Wholesalers’, White Cat will be sitting on his car in Columbia Road. Scam builders, up and down the streets of E8, throughout Europe’s cities, the world, have the pattern book for [...]

you can be happy with a very small patch of sunshine if the sunshine is on you

Dimsim is busy working on some country-western song writing today, having established there is no more money to be made in house.

is my cat happy?

sometimes she looks at me and I can see bitterness that her bowl isn’t always overflowing, and that she can only run so far on the roof before the roof runs out. I see the boredom in her life of relative luxury and extremely limited freedom. “do you really think playing with a dry baton [...]


popup pallet piano serenade

the mercurial white czar of columbia road

we all know the hushed wealth of White Cat, we see it in the unfeasibly financed pizza parlours of our own South Carlton. but this is not what White Cat sees. like every dynamically creative over-lord he has high ego low self-esteem, he has mirror state and grandiose self, he has every psychological condition that [...]

w h i t e c a t

White Cat’s law states that he will be there only when you expect him not to be. you cannot will this regal fluffy cat into existence, you cannot anticipate him. but we do, every time we walk the great cobbled Shoreditch cultural trail. so for three weeks of hopeful detours he was invisible, and as soon [...]

light pinging off bricks

but not a sight of White Cat. Corfu.


do you remember the first time you walked in Barcelona? You can imagine what it is like for a seemingly spineless introvertebrae Tasmanian girl, trying to comprehend the inside-out buildings with their clean laundry and life flapping on the outside. making a mockery of the securely sequenced habits – road, gate, driveway, garden, moat, door- [...]

mister grey

we were on the way to Milly’s birthday. stepped outside just as a grey cat streaked, fully nude no collar, past us and under a car. the car wasn’t moving, it was parked, but moving cars were all around us. moving cars are everywhere. so we chatted to him, under his car, and eventually he [...]