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add green

If you run a built environment film studio in Melbourne then you are used to rendering high-rise apartment buildings and you are used to receiving comments from architects and developers saying MORE GREEN. add more green. the hand mark-ups often include green cumulus clouds of immense proportions drawn onto impossibly small balconies. Now that ‘no [...]


it’s spring in London, thank you for these photos of the garden-foxes. symbols of new life, of hopeful naan scavenged from the City of Paris, E3.


popup pallet piano serenade

alpine flowers

initial thought, shamefully, is: how do I create a mini alpine garden on my city balcony?


I went out for a twig of blossom. Last week I had a twig of blossom in a jar in the bathroom and it looked good. In retrospect I should have photographed it and uploaded it to internet landfill because today the blossoms have all gone. First I thought the wind had blown them away [...]

a hazy day out west

Siggy and I had a day out in Kensington, where it was 28degrees and hazy; trees in the foreground silhouetted against golden volumetrics. I’m not sure I’ve been to Kensington before. there is a roof garden which is the ideal location for a summer wedding for 200 guests and 4 flamingos. it was so gorgeous [...]


tourism, ratchet sustainability, a botanical collection of tropical plants i recognise from medal-worthy CGI. what a green-house! what a cactus room, concentric conservatory, grand baobab grove, breakfast buffet amongst oculi rock-pools and upside down padi fields! the lush hyperreality here in Singapore shames the other jpegs of architecture salvaged by hanging garden.


for 1 week only the hotels in the southern-most city are fully booked. a sea of plastic chairs appears in the liminal space between the complimentary conditions of Remote Wild Island and Cosmopolitan Delicatessen. an affecting scene in Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away is the transformation of parents to pigs while they eat in an abandoned [...]


the old saying: a plant can flower even when imprisoned in a south-facing 1 x 2m steel garden. though more truthful to say: sunlight can warm even a south-facing 1 x 2m steel garden.


Following the crucial elements of Starbucks, urban farming and lush islands, here is a fourth facet of japan: Its rivers, and the distinct lack of water-front development. Not quite the result of a deep respect for the natural path of water through land; Tokyo’s rivers have a history of extreme engineering from the Edo period’s [...]