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day 2: in the mines

On the second day we went into the mines. If you’re going to spend three days filming rocks, here is the source. Here is a rocky mountain which has been turned inside out, held upside down and shaken for the rocks in its pockets. We spent the morning wandering over debatable fences into grey areas [...]

The Peaks of Lyell

We spent 3 days filming rock in Tasmania. Queenstown is the fulcrum, the hinge, the core and kernel of 100 years of Tasmanian history. Surrounded by national park, world heritage and impenetrable wilderness, it is a diminishing town; caught briefly between wild riches (what was) and emptied pit (what will be), with the fourth temporal [...]

out of the tunnel

magic realism becomes irritating but it makes for cracking summer reading. I probably don’t even know what magic realism is. in the first week of the year we took a drive around northern Lilydale to a tunnel and a cycling event which I think was really magic. The tunnel might once have been full of [...]


St Luke’s in Liverpool lost its roof and windows in the second world war but gained a secret and secure sheltered outdoor space for concerts, art exhibitions, gardening, c-r-a-f-t, tai chi and meditation. i have been in more than enough churches in my life and they are better without a roof. I can argue this [...]

3 berlin parks

the singular character of Berlin’s spaces, present in every glimpsed courtyard and floral  summer balcony, is the character of the overgrown railway and the airport veiled in wildflowers. giving a future vision for the shiny tracks and busy roads of one-day obsolete infrastructure: the spontaneity of a relic of recent history overtaken by natural wildness. [...]


it’s an ex concentration camp at the end of the S1 bahn. but it is hidden within a small town and surrounded by forest. the memorial and information centres are like memorials and information centres everywhere; sombre concrete panels and slabs, whiteness, simplicity. the dirt and the bones are long gone, is that a bench [...]

unofficial countryside

The never-ending growth of cities and the dramatic inverse is the focus of the film Requiem for Detroit which was shown 2 weeks ago at Folly for a Flyover, a temporary structure and event space under the traffic of the A12. This little building containing the short-term, mean-while, grass-roots positivity towards urbanism where policy and [...]

back to chicken bones

this is a local topical blog by the youngest tasmanian hamilton in london, ricky. the daily entries are a study on the transrotational nature of the streets of east london; eternally shifting but never really changing. chicken bones and their packaging are the product of a tide of inhabitation which sweeps twice daily and three [...]


firstly, it’s just another northern town. highway severing, high street emptying. senselessness of place, a sense of placelessness. but the abandoned spode pottery works are full of treasure. but not to forget the raw materials which created Stoke; a north-south ribbon of coal, clay and heavy woodland – the necessary components of the pottery industry. [...]

ruined / more beautiful