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a tacky title. I just wanted to add these final photos from the last day till next time.

sleeping sitting up

Remarkably, I fell asleep sitting upright on a cold concrete bench in the Belgrade youth centre – the DOB – at a concert. A full 15 minutes of deep sleep, because the music drowned out everything else like a very public floatation tank. A man called Dragon owns this building, in the 70s it was [...]


A man from Sydney is riding his pushbike from Berlin to Istanbul. He is taking the easy route and riding beside the Danube for most of it, and the river has deposited him here in Belgrade. He is doing it because a friend of his did it last year and it seemed cool. That’s a [...]

walken frei

free walking around the city. by day 7 you really ought to know your way around. this one was when I only momentarily lost my bearings in between a fort and a hard place, a railway and a blue danube. Tomorrow I need to remember to write about the plants growing over all the hard [...]

walking in Novi

I realised suddenly that I was standing on a chicken foot, then noticed them all around me. The feet were quite freshly severed and there were probably about 20 of them, curled into bevin claws, scattered on the pavement. By then I’d been walking for three hours through 10 of approximately 70 blocks of the neighbourhood [...]


The falcons: the young Yugoslavs of physical and mental readiness to resist expanding Germanisation. Gymnasts. Yes, we walked to Tito’s grave on our first morning in Serbia and felt an ignorant nostalgia too. A peacock: the sensation when a red wine unfurls like a fan in your mouth-brain recesses at the conclusion of a sip. I [...]


The PPP between the Serbian government and Abu Dhabi investors is a bereft visualisation of space-grammar planning. Bereft too is the pop-up waterfront bar, built only to turn the soil ahead of the expiration of the project’s permit. A bereft construction of a slippery loophole of a vision. Beograd na Vodi is explained here. Bereft [...]