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do you remember the first time you walked in Barcelona? You can imagine what it is like for a seemingly spineless introvertebrae Tasmanian girl, trying to comprehend the inside-out buildings with their clean laundry and life flapping on the outside. making a mockery of the securely sequenced habits – road, gate, driveway, garden, moat, door- [...]

out of the tunnel

magic realism becomes irritating but it makes for cracking summer reading. I probably don’t even know what magic realism is. in the first week of the year we took a drive around northern Lilydale to a tunnel and a cycling event which I think was really magic. The tunnel might once have been full of [...]

cataract gorge

if we agree that The Mall is the centre of any and all Tasmanian towns, and count our steps from The Mall to the closest sublime wildness in the picturesque tradition, then we arrive at a number so small as to make Launceston totally unique, in this way as in many. 1300 steps, or 1km, [...]

Glover Country

at the very end of last century my friend was immersed in the production of a stack of paintings of dead trees which I believe evidence a long lived compulsion of this corner of Tasmania. for the cost of an extra 10 minutes of driving, the partially unsealed road from Evandale through Nile takes you [...]

just like england

this little northern Tasmanian coastal town reminds me of places I never made it to in England. one tenth of the homes are for sale, there are three lighthouses, and a disproportionate representation of international flags in front gardens; Iraq, Australia, South Africa, USA, France, UK. lichen covers the rocks like it does in Scotland, [...]

tasmanian workshop

Within eight hours of leaving Melbourne and arriving on the golden island we were riding the revelation of a tandem-rail-cycle on the unused tracks in the depths of a dusted valley. the trial run was a culmination and climax of an afternoon wandering through vegetable gardens and raspberry patch and room after room of workshops, [...]

the waste land

first day of summer, walking empty streets to find gratitude in a handful of dust!


Following the crucial elements of Starbucks, urban farming and lush islands, here is a fourth facet of japan: Its rivers, and the distinct lack of water-front development. Not quite the result of a deep respect for the natural path of water through land; Tokyo’s rivers have a history of extreme engineering from the Edo period’s [...]

Naoshima Island in the Seto Inland Sea

We were on a high from Hiroshima, where the reflections of trees and orange sticks had been especially vivid. Hiroshima has a Lower East Side grid without the attached Downtown. We happened to eat at a nose-to-tail style restaurant and ate top pork ribs and chicken wings instead of noses and tails. Felt like there [...]


This week I saw green misty Scotland, and I wondered if I had to go there or if other people’s photos were enough. then I scratched some suburbs into the red dusty Pilbara and wondered if aerial photos were enough information and I thought they probably were, because in 30 years, after big-wheeled-trucks cart the [...]