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Category Archives: nice places

goat track yarra bank

nice and quiet, twilight and dawn, not so much with the talking, lots of good dogs.


I don’t write any more because I have too much other writing to do, and because I have not been anywhere out of the grid for months. In a coordinated yolo four of us left work early on a Friday and drove directly west, into the low winter sun. The car was filled to the [...]

generic and authentic places in the city

after a while you need to escape, find some generic spaces for deep breaths. free of throat-tightening weight of a hundred Hendricks bottles of tap water. convergence is the theory that economic and demographic trends lead to increasing similarity between places. divergence assumes human choice and place-difference. plural causation is the possibility that different events in [...]

landscape experience

Thoreau, not so deep in the woods after all, but on the edge of town and close to his mother. what language do you use to talk about landscape? if you lived in wilderness would you run out of words to say? if you didn’t have a camera would you still go on holiday?

how to make new zealand look like scotland

kayak #2

live blogging from the middle of a lake in the south west of Tasmania without my phone; without batteries or time or weather forecasts. sitting in a yellow canoe in the middle of the lake. there’s a wonky castellation of unclimbed pinnacles tracing the circular horizon like a hard craggy dinosaur shell, and I’m in [...]

a hazy day out west

Siggy and I had a day out in Kensington, where it was 28degrees and hazy; trees in the foreground silhouetted against golden volumetrics. I’m not sure I’ve been to Kensington before. there is a roof garden which is the ideal location for a summer wedding for 200 guests and 4 flamingos. it was so gorgeous [...]

the edinburgh meta-aesthetic

2 years ago I went by train to Dumfries and this week up the other coast to Edinburgh to satisfy the great rail journey whim. as soon as we arrived we knew we wanted to move there, among the solid grey buildings, desolate north-east landscape, the Constable clouds, both Arthur’s Seat and lobster & chips [...]