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melbourne views

the idea of using streets and buildings to frame views is rejected. done away with by a million pocket cameras. do you want to travel for 10 minutes on an axis while the framed thing very gradually swells on the horizon, or would you rather glimpse it suddenly? you would rather glimpse it suddenly. but [...]

you can be happy with a very small patch of sunshine if the sunshine is on you

Dimsim is busy working on some country-western song writing today, having established there is no more money to be made in house.

cranes in the sky

In the same way that the noun art should be dispensed with, so too the noun architecture. When they are used they carry a weird adjective overlay lavishing compliments on what is actually an apartment tower or a train station or a cemetery or a pavilion made out of fog, or a sculpture/video/photo/painting. What is it that distinguishes [...]

black out group

generic and authentic places in the city

after a while you need to escape, find some generic spaces for deep breaths. free of throat-tightening weight of a hundred Hendricks bottles of tap water. convergence is the theory that economic and demographic trends lead to increasing similarity between places. divergence assumes human choice and place-difference. plural causation is the possibility that different events in [...]


H&M opened in Melbourne, and the rains began.


popup pallet piano serenade

the vacant block

In Barcelona in August I AteWith a vegan Sicilian called Barbara. out on her terrace with a jug of watermelon gazpacho she told us that the etymology of vacaciones is vacant. she was trying to prove a point about relaxation and eustress and about lazy folk on holiday. No. the etymology of vacaciones is vacate. sitting on [...]


beautiful morning for balloons, birds, leafy friends and a large mouse (small rat?) which crossed my path without his black-cat jogging costume. it’s the first bare-legged dawn, so stop worrying about long winter shadow studies.