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goat track yarra bank

nice and quiet, twilight and dawn, not so much with the talking, lots of good dogs.


I’m writing my thesis in threes, for which I blame the principles and now-soon-laters of regeneration documents, not spirituality nor superstition. Last night we went to this bar Troika for old times. I assume the reason they recently celebrated their 18th anniversary was because  (3+3)*3 and not because it’s the legal drinking age. To mark [...]




A triple process of individualisaton by Ulrich Beck: 1. liberation (from old functionalist roles) 2. disenchantment (reaction to stability lost through liberation) 3. reintegration (incomplete, ongoing development of new forms of social relations) If we accept that the word individualisation is dampened and bound well within our wildest disappointments, this could also provide the language for [...]

add green

If you run a built environment film studio in Melbourne then you are used to rendering high-rise apartment buildings and you are used to receiving comments from architects and developers saying MORE GREEN. add more green. the hand mark-ups often include green cumulus clouds of immense proportions drawn onto impossibly small balconies. Now that ‘no [...]

pink wash

summer has been rainy. Singapore rain, London rain, the rain of Torredembarra, Cape Grim and la nina. we were caught in it all, running home from China Town tonight. not so much in the rain, but in the squall before the rain. the cool change whipped up building sites and scrubbed our faces with dust [...]