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2-swim christmas

dream catchers

In Hollybank this year some hunger-games team-builders have unintentionally built dream catchers for kids to climb on. High danger, fatal concussions and snapped leg bones disguised as over-scaled prototypes for local jewellery. This is now a park of risk, concentrating into a few sq km the sensations of flying through the air, of slipping on [...]

more tasmania

buying land

Once a year, or biannually, we almost buy an expansive block of land covered in trees. It’s like Christmas, a reminder of what is important. This year’s land is a magical 67 acres and stretches from a road named after the cherry farm through the bush, down a hill, along a track, into a glade [...]


the best of trails

There are new mountain bike trails in Holly Bank and they are the best in the country. The past three days have bequeathed my first three rides. Fourth if you count the one at the very periphery of my memory from which all I can salvage is a dissolving image of an expansive plateau of [...]

decay and boom

Queenstown today holds as many people as at any time in the last sixty years and covers a larger area than ever before. New streets of houses have sprung up both north and south, and they now stretch in a tight array, two miles down the narrow valley and up so many hills and gullies [...]

day 4: the mountain

In order to escape the rain, seek snow, get mist. It’s a moral about avoiding what is coming to you by driving headlong into something which, although uncertain, is at least different.

day 3: wood

It felt like we were there for a long time, but I can see in retrospect that it was just 3 days. Put proper hiking boots on, thick socks, climb in a 4WD, and stop washing your hair; you go a little bit wild and time expands. There are two pubs in Queenstown, directly across [...]

turquoise water

Looking straight down to the turquoise water in the pit of the iron blow. Later, inside a horizontal shaft, bored straight into the side of Mt Juke, dark but for our illuminating headlamps and the distant tunnel end. such narrow beams of light. turquoise spheres dripping down the veined rock.