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cab drivers

Strange to be back here, drizzle and a bacon sandwich. today has been hard. a faulty premature alarm, no breakfast (enough time, but too many croissant already), and then the shaken anxiety of passports, full bathrooms, unhappy queues, an overflowing airport located in the thin countryside of London’s hinterland. This is a depressing green belt. [...]

playa de chernobil

I had to ride my hired clunker back to the rental shop after 3 minutes because the seat was low and my knees were around my shoulders. there are a lot of tourists in Barcelona; you pass many suffering the curse of the low-seated hire-bike. I rode north and came across a hovering cube wrapped [...]


do you remember the first time you walked in Barcelona? You can imagine what it is like for a seemingly spineless introvertebrae Tasmanian girl, trying to comprehend the inside-out buildings with their clean laundry and life flapping on the outside. making a mockery of the securely sequenced habits – road, gate, driveway, garden, moat, door- [...]


xaloquell is by no means the best of the selection of similar beach cafes, but it might have been the first, here back in ’86 when the sand touched the buildings. the village has been growing since long before then and obvs will continue to do so, right?


1. skinny spanish cats, living together near the bins in loose association. one day full of kittens, the next day two shadows – black cats with green eyes stretched out under a tree. 2. spanish walls are like skin, sweating and leaking smells and colours into the street. you can walk down a street [and [...]


and the frailty of her honesty, changing every day. the final visit to torredembarra for now and i don’t know exactly how to structure the story but think it can be divided into: the skulking and meeting of cats (1), in the sun and shade of built walls (2); with the varieties of sky and [...]

…and beach

been all about forests for so long, i forgot about the silver flatness and the squally waves of off-peak Costa Dorada, and the silent rainy easter holiday streets of Gracia. here in Barcelona a beach was formed on concrete edge-lands, while 1000km along the coast the reverse is true. the beach is less about the [...]

in europe

is the book of my two-and-a-half weeks in barcelona. author Geert Mak travels to the places which formed fulcrums of action, looking for traces of 20th century history (visible, hidden, disguised or absent), as we move into the 21st. it’s about a century of distress, the twin horrors of inevitability and chance setting about destroying [...]

abney park again

´╗┐abney park; squirrels and over-grown grave-stones. it is london’s best outdoor space? a season-amplifier, to be visited at minimum four times a year, and currently a winter wonderland. the snow settles like a trick of the light, thick white lines off-set from the black of branches. people must wear all-black, and dogs must be black [...]

barcelona again

wow how much i love this city (tune!), how much i want to be there in sunshine, with a black cat, in the months when it is summer everywhere but england. birds, turtles, mountains, amusements and ham, landscape, horizon, shadows and quietness, love, love, love.