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In all serious earnestness, the Lea River is so important to me, even in the rain, even walking exposed to the April late-winter, it is luminous and now, after walking from the Lea to Vyner Street via the Hertford Union and Regents Canal, I’m having a beer and feeling elated. You walk on the narrow [...]

happy cats

the container

Other than self-pity, something that makes me cry easily is the Hillsborough disaster. I am reminded of it occasionally, like today when the jurors’ verdict was given, and I can’t stop thinking about it and looking at those photos. So to take my fingers off the laptop, and to buy some rhubarb and beer, I [...]

he remains (Gilbert)

White Cat is refusing to follow Ginger to the New Hackney. Even when the last handbag wholesalers has become a bar called ‘Last Handbag Wholesalers’, White Cat will be sitting on his car in Columbia Road. Scam builders, up and down the streets of E8, throughout Europe’s cities, the world, have the pattern book for [...]

cab drivers

Strange to be back here, drizzle and a bacon sandwich. today has been hard. a faulty premature alarm, no breakfast (enough time, but too many croissant already), and then the shaken anxiety of passports, full bathrooms, unhappy queues, an overflowing airport located in the thin countryside of London’s hinterland. This is a depressing green belt. [...]


it’s spring in London, thank you for these photos of the garden-foxes. symbols of new life, of hopeful naan scavenged from the City of Paris, E3.

circle dancers

Kundera has always been right, and things which make sense of humans in Eastern Europe post-war also describe our motivations here, today. like the circle dancers in The Book of Laughter and Forgetting. Today even in sleepy Melbourne we are dancing in circles, holding hands, feeling within the circle that all we can see is [...]

the mercurial white czar of columbia road

we all know the hushed wealth of White Cat, we see it in the unfeasibly financed pizza parlours of our own South Carlton. but this is not what White Cat sees. like every dynamically creative over-lord he has high ego low self-esteem, he has mirror state and grandiose self, he has every psychological condition that [...]

w h i t e c a t

White Cat’s law states that he will be there only when you expect him not to be. you cannot will this regal fluffy cat into existence, you cannot anticipate him. but we do, every time we walk the great cobbled Shoreditch cultural trail. so for three weeks of hopeful detours he was invisible, and as soon [...]

light pinging off bricks

but not a sight of White Cat. Corfu.