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Category Archives: the weather

the best of trails

There are new mountain bike trails in Holly Bank and they are the best in the country. The past three days have bequeathed my first three rides. Fourth if you count the one at the very periphery of my memory from which all I can salvage is a dissolving image of an expansive plateau of [...]

you can be happy with a very small patch of sunshine if the sunshine is on you

Dimsim is busy working on some country-western song writing today, having established there is no more money to be made in house.


this morning so benign out the window, but this afternoon the plane I was meant to go home in was hit by lightning. the wide expanse of land muffled the thunder, absorbing it like a dark blanket, but the water that followed leaked into my sandals and into the House of Representatives.

west coast, west coast

it was nicely symmetrical. last month on the west coast of Tasmania with a Western Australian. and then last week on the west coast of Australia, a Tasmanian. a west coast is a west coast, it’s where the weather comes from.

day 4: the mountain

In order to escape the rain, seek snow, get mist. It’s a moral about avoiding what is coming to you by driving headlong into something which, although uncertain, is at least different.

how to make new zealand look like scotland


H&M opened in Melbourne, and the rains began.

kayak #2

live blogging from the middle of a lake in the south west of Tasmania without my phone; without batteries or time or weather forecasts. sitting in a yellow canoe in the middle of the lake. there’s a wonky castellation of unclimbed pinnacles tracing the circular horizon like a hard craggy dinosaur shell, and I’m in [...]

a beautiful grey day on a bus

just a beautiful grey day on a bus.


I went out for a twig of blossom. Last week I had a twig of blossom in a jar in the bathroom and it looked good. In retrospect I should have photographed it and uploaded it to internet landfill because today the blossoms have all gone. First I thought the wind had blown them away [...]