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In all serious earnestness, the Lea River is so important to me, even in the rain, even walking exposed to the April late-winter, it is luminous and now, after walking from the Lea to Vyner Street via the Hertford Union and Regents Canal, I’m having a beer and feeling elated. You walk on the narrow [...]




A triple process of individualisaton by Ulrich Beck: 1. liberation (from old functionalist roles) 2. disenchantment (reaction to stability lost through liberation) 3. reintegration (incomplete, ongoing development of new forms of social relations) If we accept that the word individualisation is dampened and bound well within our wildest disappointments, this could also provide the language for [...]

pink wash

summer has been rainy. Singapore rain, London rain, the rain of Torredembarra, Cape Grim and la nina. we were caught in it all, running home from China Town tonight. not so much in the rain, but in the squall before the rain. the cool change whipped up building sites and scrubbed our faces with dust [...]

melbourne views

the idea of using streets and buildings to frame views is rejected. done away with by a million pocket cameras. do you want to travel for 10 minutes on an axis while the framed thing very gradually swells on the horizon, or would you rather glimpse it suddenly? you would rather glimpse it suddenly. but [...]