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The Enclave

There’s no point looking at any other art anymore. After seeing Mosse’s The Enclave all the other gallery exhibits ever – the ‘lots of the same thing piled up in a room’ sort, or the ‘usually small things made large’ sort, or the ‘does this remind you of Rothko or your childhood’ sort, or even [...]


pink wash

summer has been rainy. Singapore rain, London rain, the rain of Torredembarra, Cape Grim and la nina. we were caught in it all, running home from China Town tonight. not so much in the rain, but in the squall before the rain. the cool change whipped up building sites and scrubbed our faces with dust [...]

day 3: wood

It felt like we were there for a long time, but I can see in retrospect that it was just 3 days. Put proper hiking boots on, thick socks, climb in a 4WD, and stop washing your hair; you go a little bit wild and time expands. There are two pubs in Queenstown, directly across [...]

St Johns Sessions

I lined up outside a Georgian-built church in Hackney at dusk while the fresh breeze picked up a little. During the day the church had been full of smoky daylight and a projector had very faintly covered the wall with bubbles of colour. CREW members did things. Now the space was filling fast with a [...]

Glover Country

at the very end of last century my friend was immersed in the production of a stack of paintings of dead trees which I believe evidence a long lived compulsion of this corner of Tasmania. for the cost of an extra 10 minutes of driving, the partially unsealed road from Evandale through Nile takes you [...]

tasmanian workshop

Within eight hours of leaving Melbourne and arriving on the golden island we were riding the revelation of a tandem-rail-cycle on the unused tracks in the depths of a dusted valley. the trial run was a culmination and climax of an afternoon wandering through vegetable gardens and raspberry patch and room after room of workshops, [...]

lying fallow

some architects / developers decided to build a hand-full of highly sustainable greatly aspirational apartments. so they evicted the squatters of the existing cottages and brought some artists in to decorate before demolition. Words were said about fallow fields replenishing and about the vibrancy of the slums of Mumbai and Caracas. Walking around this abandoned [...]

the colony

Meg was running late, the whole suite of excuses: lightning and thunder, bike puncture, slow trams. So I ducked into the gallery at a serendipitous hour on the first Tuesday in November when a horse-race in the west had drained the city and its gallery of people. I hadn’t been there for years. Combined with [...]

Naoshima Island in the Seto Inland Sea

We were on a high from Hiroshima, where the reflections of trees and orange sticks had been especially vivid. Hiroshima has a Lower East Side grid without the attached Downtown. We happened to eat at a nose-to-tail style restaurant and ate top pork ribs and chicken wings instead of noses and tails. Felt like there [...]