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11 days in tasmania, 4 in KL

and I know where I would rather be! KL is all jungle-rimmed highways, Melbourne has its flat grid, and you barely notice the roads in my version of Tasmania. In moments of pause, between visiting empty new malaysian shopping malls; tossing chinese new year salad with developers for dragon-year prosperity; smiling so hard that i [...]


finally. some of my favourites were: 1. Artifact by Gregory Barsamian. A large head lies on its side in the corner of a room, peering into cracks and apertures you see an un-hinged display of Disney-like motifs and anxiety, flickering and flashing inside. 2. A video called Placebo by Saskia Olde Wolbers, in which a [...]

where we used to live in cross ventilation


St Luke’s in Liverpool lost its roof and windows in the second world war but gained a secret and secure sheltered outdoor space for concerts, art exhibitions, gardening, c-r-a-f-t, tai chi and meditation. i have been in more than enough churches in my life and they are better without a roof. I can argue this [...]

indie summer

the autumn heatwave is named around the world: Old Ladies’ Summer (around Europe and not referring to actual women, but to their witchcrafted spider webs), Gypsy Christmas (Bulgaria), Re-summer (loose translation from Latvia), A Tiger in Autumn (China). it is an undeserved second grace and a last chance. londoners show appreciation by lying cheek to [...]

all most

one more day amongst the most beautiful language in the world, next to a decent-sized ocean and in streets which require portraits not landscapes. travel (which is what the guilty call holidays) is almost over and this will cease to be a travel blog and start to get serious. cat amongst the pigeons.

oh, the saddest streets in the world right now



cats would vote against the contemporary sequencing of the Alhambra; a single path strictly marked through such richly varied and beautiful spaces and gardens. shortcuts or backtracking are generally not permitted and barely the secrecy to hide amongst all the pool-side circulation. here is a cat in a normal narrow street instead.

berlin in summary

from a short walk around prenzlauer berg: a bit of the forest in the home and a bit of home in the forest. streets in the gardens and garden in the street.

berlin building colour palette