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australia one zero eight

it’s the drum roll of urbanisation- that 75% of world population who will live in cities by the next mid-century. the projections have application in everything from an easy claim to relevance lining the front and back of every essay I’ve ever read; to the justification for the height of a tower casting shadows on [...]

tasmanian workshop

Within eight hours of leaving Melbourne and arriving on the golden island we were riding the revelation of a tandem-rail-cycle on the unused tracks in the depths of a dusted valley. the trial run was a culmination and climax of an afternoon wandering through vegetable gardens and raspberry patch and room after room of workshops, [...]

lying fallow

some architects / developers decided to build a hand-full of highly sustainable greatly aspirational apartments. so they evicted the squatters of the existing cottages and brought some artists in to decorate before demolition. Words were said about fallow fields replenishing and about the vibrancy of the slums of Mumbai and Caracas. Walking around this abandoned [...]

Naoshima Island in the Seto Inland Sea

We were on a high from Hiroshima, where the reflections of trees and orange sticks had been especially vivid. Hiroshima has a Lower East Side grid without the attached Downtown. We happened to eat at a nose-to-tail style restaurant and ate top pork ribs and chicken wings instead of noses and tails. Felt like there [...]

in praise of starbucks

of course, the coffee is not as ‘good’ as Seven Seeds (Melbourne) or Wilton’s (for those in Hackney), but let’s admit that coffee is not good, no matter how fair-trade it is; the free market martyrdom of agricultural land from local sustenance to international stimulus etc. As a tourist with no Japanese language in numerous [...]


my boss likes towers, they all do here, so I thought it was the way and was frowned upon in London where, it seemed, they did not. people need to be close to the ground they said. the completed shard must only galvanise the deep mistrust. this building has a slippery surface and sharpened lair [...]

food court

Now I spend my lunch breaks at the food court. does this depress you? it’s strange because I was educated all my life to dislike food courts. actually they are the pinnacle of inclusivity within the very narrow confines of profitable commercial development. I can go there alone, can spend $2 or $20. ok $2 [...]

prop dev

it’s really not enough that Developer Cat is interrogating the site and testing the market, because on thursday night White Cat flew in to Tullamarine. Explicitly for the Formula 1, but implicitly to negotiate a new deal for a great pile of microscopic apartments on this very site. you can imagine my surprise, hair shorn [...]


my sister lives in one half of a symmetrical house. the couple in the duplicate next door might be a complete opposite, because against all logic it is our local neighbourhood rather than a world wide web which provides our contact with contrast.

the poor developer

the Poor Developer does his marketing images in-house. he paces his site to save on the cost of a surveyor and hires himself as on-site security. we laugh, thinking that the rich only get filthy rich through such penny-pinching, but later we realise that he has lost his home and lives, barely, on rubbish and [...]