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I’m writing my thesis in threes, for which I blame the principles and now-soon-laters of regeneration documents, not spirituality nor superstition. Last night we went to this bar Troika for old times. I assume the reason they recently celebrated their 18th anniversary was because  (3+3)*3 and not because it’s the legal drinking age. To mark [...]


add green

If you run a built environment film studio in Melbourne then you are used to rendering high-rise apartment buildings and you are used to receiving comments from architects and developers saying MORE GREEN. add more green. the hand mark-ups often include green cumulus clouds of immense proportions drawn onto impossibly small balconies. Now that ‘no [...]

cranes in the sky

In the same way that the noun art should be dispensed with, so too the noun architecture. When they are used they carry a weird adjective overlay lavishing compliments on what is actually an apartment tower or a train station or a cemetery or a pavilion made out of fog, or a sculpture/video/photo/painting. What is it that distinguishes [...]

generic and authentic places in the city

after a while you need to escape, find some generic spaces for deep breaths. free of throat-tightening weight of a hundred Hendricks bottles of tap water. convergence is the theory that economic and demographic trends lead to increasing similarity between places. divergence assumes human choice and place-difference. plural causation is the possibility that different events in [...]

the vacant block

In Barcelona in August I AteWith a vegan Sicilian called Barbara. out on her terrace with a jug of watermelon gazpacho she told us that the etymology of vacaciones is vacant. she was trying to prove a point about relaxation and eustress and about lazy folk on holiday. No. the etymology of vacaciones is vacate. sitting on [...]

light pinging off bricks

but not a sight of White Cat. Corfu.


Joel and I have a joke about scaffolding in London: so much is shit and yet somehow, with a Peepshow-esque acceptance of the miserable, Londeners keep their humour. their train may have been late and full, and the rent on their mouldy flat might have gone up, and they may have had a Pret egg&cress [...]

playa de chernobil

I had to ride my hired clunker back to the rental shop after 3 minutes because the seat was low and my knees were around my shoulders. there are a lot of tourists in Barcelona; you pass many suffering the curse of the low-seated hire-bike. I rode north and came across a hovering cube wrapped [...]


do you remember the first time you walked in Barcelona? You can imagine what it is like for a seemingly spineless introvertebrae Tasmanian girl, trying to comprehend the inside-out buildings with their clean laundry and life flapping on the outside. making a mockery of the securely sequenced habits – road, gate, driveway, garden, moat, door- [...]