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it’s spring in London, thank you for these photos of the garden-foxes. symbols of new life, of hopeful naan scavengedĀ from the City of Paris, E3.

w h i t e c a t

White Cat’sĀ law states that he will be there only when you expect him not to be. you cannot will this regal fluffy cat into existence, you cannot anticipate him. but we do, every time we walk the great cobbled Shoreditch cultural trail. so for three weeks of hopeful detours he was invisible, and as soon [...]

a hazy day out west

Siggy and I had a day out in Kensington, where it was 28degrees and hazy; trees in the foreground silhouetted against golden volumetrics. I’m not sure I’ve been to Kensington before. there is a roof garden which is the ideal location for a summer wedding for 200 guests and 4 flamingos. it was so gorgeous [...]

the british sea side

luvly bank holiday at the seaside. in the shadow of a carbuncled tower block, with a regenerative art gallery placed like a light-house on the edge of the under-performing British coast. antiques and (reconstituted) lobster tail and 10p arcade games competing in the happy nostalgia battle. off the beaten track, behind a very ordinary built [...]

super moon

i’ve stopped thinking that the moon influences me; tears in coffee foam are just onion tears from tomorrow’s soup. photo by AFB x


for 1 week only the hotels in the southern-most city are fully booked. a sea of plastic chairs appears in the liminal space between the complimentary conditions of Remote Wild Island and Cosmopolitan Delicatessen. an affecting scene in Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away is the transformation of parents to pigs while they eat in an abandoned [...]


things get cheaper in the market as you move west, just keep walking.

Naoshima Island in the Seto Inland Sea

We were on a high from Hiroshima, where the reflections of trees and orange sticks had been especially vivid. Hiroshima has a Lower East Side grid without the attached Downtown. We happened to eat at a nose-to-tail style restaurant and ate top pork ribs and chicken wings instead of noses and tails. Felt like there [...]

farms in the suburbs

seems the relentless and desperate annotation of architectural drawings with “green wall” labels has given birth to a new cynicism of urban agriculture. fair enough, but not to discount it. roof-top and community gardens might attract eye-rolls from over-use in planning and design prose, but really there is absolutely nothing bad about them. urban gardens [...]