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mass observation

anthropologists, home from studying exotic natives in the islands of the empire, turned the same practice to the English working class in the 1930s. excited to see what meaning would reveal itself through the detailed observation of the minutiae of their impoverished  lives; how an archive of singular observations could coalesce into something constructive / [...]

making decisions with potatoes

it was mercury retrograde that caused all the decisions made by everyone in the last month to be crap. like investing aggressively in cold sheds or diverting desperate boats to Papua New Guinea, bad decisions made with a potato instead of a soul.

and there is a third outcome. through no formula can we address the unequal catastrophe of resource scarcity and climate change. there are graphs and graphs that show that year on year the amount of sacrifice or the degree of ingenuity required is too great. the contrasts between the many worlds of our world are [...]

a burley griffin

if love is too hard, we are meant to at least respect the great master planning of Canberra. but clearly we should admit that it was a big mistake in existence and in execution. this is a small city of wealthy commuters, but their daily commute is via the qantas club and a mute view [...]

project site



of course i don’t want to be tied down by tote but things i am bringing home include an almond from cañar and a leaf which fell on my head in London Fields this morning. ‘bye!

comment is free

news as online forum for those with free time. although i know it is the same clever opinions trotting, the same trolls winding, the same luminaries burning, i never ever tire of it.


xaloquell is by no means the best of the selection of similar beach cafes, but it might have been the first, here back in ’86 when the sand touched the buildings. the village has been growing since long before then and obvs will continue to do so, right?

there are two types of cats in this world

you are either a grey-face or a no-tail. you can’t have it all.


its public spending cuts, industrial failures, social divisions, hardship and hopefulness are set so clearly on repeat that watching documentaries is like news in black and white. a true tear-jerker; nothing holds together but everything is disastrously connected. has any other country seen so much of both sides of everything? in summary: after the second [...]