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100 things

I like Canberra now, let’s move there. because the sky was blue 3 days in a row and the lake and highways stretched out beneath me, and because I had 2 showers everyday and then drip-dried in a hotel room while watching First Dates and drinking mini beer cans and cups of tea. In between [...]


Critical Realist abductive approach to Nauru: If you cannot prove the allegations to be true, conceptualise the global structures (real) and institutional practices (actual) that need to be active in a particular (contingent) offshore context to explain the abuses (empirical) and consider whether this builds a more or less believable model of reality.

Cinema El Dudebro

The way we store and arrange information, in a cloud of hopelessly inadequate folders in folders and equally weighted key terms, or on pin-boards in the secret storage sheds of Rust Cohle and Carrie Mathison. This, in contradiction to the spatial metaphors that we use to comprehend and describe our memory – the physical spaces [...]

plants growing on all the hard places

I woke up this morning to the sound of a thousand singing Serbian school children marching and waving flowers in the street outside the window. We are on the fifth floor, the top floor, it’s a penthouse that shakes in the wind. When a bus goes past on the street below it feels as though [...]

everyone next to different bodies of water

Differentiating Exchange (Sennett , Together) Edges are fraught zones in natural geographies because they shift constantly… In human ecology, the eight-lane highway isolating parts of the city from each other is a boundary, whereas a street at the edge between two communities can be more of a border. A more personal kind of border condition [...]

the urban industry

the ‘urban industry’ is a hydra, the many frothing mouths of almost every disciplinary field shouting and clamouring about cities. not least the education industry: how many millions of grads and post-grads of urban-related studies are now marching? help!


The brickworks, quarry, wild flowers, endangered moths and masterplans. poor moths and masterplans.

It is so boring to tell dreams. Do not tell your dreams. But last night my suspicion that someone walks around our house when we are not there was confirmed, because actually through our house is the only way to get from the street below to the warehouse of my subconscious and its fruit trees. [...]


When we are born we are born with a bundle of shares. Their value, determined at birth by a formula of geography, genes and parental income, begins to fluctuate as strangers buy and sell. Maybe you start out at $1 a share and then at aged 8 you begin to develop longer than average legs, [...]